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victoria justice

Victoria Justice is one of the hottest celebrities out there today. Not only is this 19-year-old a talented singer and a songwriter, but she is also an actress and a dancer–having been featured in popular teen shows such as Zoey 101 and Victorious.

When putting together your Victoria Justice Halloween costume, the first thing to do is to decide on a look to replicate. One of the most iconic Victoria Justice looks is her outfit in the music video for the song “Best Friend’s Brother”. Both the song and the video are very popular, making this outfit instantly recognizable to pretty much anyone under 21. This costume is also very easy and inexpensive–some of the items needed are probably already in your wardrobe.

So without further ado, let’s get started!

First, you will need two sleeveless tops or tank tops, one blue and one pink. Do not forget to wear the blue tank top under the pink one, as this is how Victoria wears it in the video. Attention to detail is important.

Second, put on a white, over-sized long-sleeve shirt. Make sure to roll the sleeves until it reaches the elbows.

Third – and this, for sure is in your closet – put on a pair of denim shorts.

victoria justice outfit

Now that the outfit is sorted out, it is time to do the hair and makeup.

Victoria’s makeup on the music video is very simple. There’s no need for flashy makeup at all, just have that cute girl next door look. However, there is one detail that should never be left out. Victoria always has well-defined brows, so make sure to shape your eyebrows like hers.

As for the hair, make sure it is long and straight, not to mention soft and bouncy. The video shows Victoria moving her head around while she sings and her hair is a mass of sexy, flowing locks. Check out this YouTube video for some tips on getting the hair and makeup just right:

There you have it – a simple yet fabulous way to transform into Victoria Justice for Halloween. All that’s left to do is to call your BFB and see if he’s got a date to the party Halloween night!



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