Simple Halloween Costumes for Couples


The thing I just love about Halloween is that it is the one day of the year when creativity rules supreme. It’s not about breaking the bank on a fancy costume. In fact, those who get the most attention on Halloween the ones who put a little creativity into their costume idea. That’s why couples costume are so popular these days. If you’re going to a Halloween party with a special someone your creative costume options are practically endless.

Some of the funniest costumes at any costume party are the matching costumes worn by couples. Some of these costumes can be very predictable: Sonny and Cher, Tarzan and Jane, an Angel and a Devil, and Popeye and Olive Oil are some very common couples costumes that can be cute but don’t always show a ton of imagination. With a little bit of creativity and time you can put together a low-cost costume pairing that may just earn you the “best costume” award at your next Halloween party. Read on for some more simple Halloween costumes for couples.

A match made in insurance heaven

Flo costumegeico caveman costume

Television commercial character pairings make for an unsuspecting costume idea. For example, a couple could dress up like common characters from the Geico/Progressive commercials. One could dress up like Flo, with her retro 50s-style brown hair and heavy bangs. The white pants and white polo shirt could probably be found in an existing wardrobe and you could pair those together with a purple headband, name tag and an apron.

Her partner could be the Geico caveman, donning business casual clothes, a protruding forehead made with makeup, and a shaggy looking beard and hair combination. One could carry a little gecko and the other could carry a large stack of money with little googly eyes.

Famous fairy tale couples

Another cute costume idea would be to dress as the Princess and the Pea. For this costume idea, a simple trip to a local consignment or thrift store will provide the cheesy 80s-style prom dress necessary for the one playing the princess. The pea would very simply don green pants and a green shirt with a big, white letter “P” on the chest. This is a great costume idea if you need to put together something in a hurry. It might take some guests a while to figure out what you are dressed as, but those familiar with children’s literature will find it immediately adorable.

Mismatched couples

A beauty and a geek is another easy costume idea for couples. In fact, you probably already have everything you need to complete the ensemble. The “geek” could wear pants with a high waist and rolled bottoms with a plaid shirt tucked in. Alfalfa hair parted in the middle and suspenders would complete the look. The beauty could wear a glamorous dress with heavily-applied, fancy makeup. High heels and sparkly jewelry would complete the cocktail look.

There are many easy Halloween costumes for couples to choose from. With a little bit of creativity you should be able to come up with a costume that sparks laughter at any party.



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