Quick and Easy Halloween Treats for Kids


Is it possible to use the words easy and Halloween in the same sentence? If you have kids you know that the Halloween season can be pretty crazy, with costumes to buy and parties to arrange. Luckily there are many easy Halloween snacks that can be made in those spare minutes between holiday events.

Halloween Rice Crispy Treats

pumpkin rice crispy treatsOne ghostly goody that has been around for ages is the ever popular Rice Crispy treat. These sticky creations may not seem quick and easy, but usually take no longer than an hour to make. Made of puffed rice cereal, marshmallows and a bit of butter, these treats are a simple way to make your Halloween festivities extra special.

Here’s a cute recipe for Frankenstein Rice Crispy treats to get your imagination flowing.

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Spooky Cookies

Halloween cookieAnother old favorite is the old reliable sugar cookie. These sweet treats can be made into pumpkins, ghosts, black cats or anything else that is symbolic of Halloween using cookie cutters. Your local dollar store can be a great source of Halloween cookie cutters as fall draws near.

For added fun let the kids ice and decorate the cookies. Use sprinkles, chocolate chips or a frosting pen to embellish the top of the cookies and give them a personalized look.
Check out a great recipe for Halloween sugar cookies.

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Yogurt-Dipped Delights

yogurt-dipped pretzelsMost kids will agree that anything dipped in chocolate tastes delicious, but considering how much chocolate the kids are going to get on Halloween here’s something a bit different. Instead of coating fruit or pretzels in melted chocolate, try using yogurt. Sweetened yogurt, whether vanilla or fruit flavored, can create a frighteningly fantastic Halloween treat that is not only fun to eat, but fun to make as well.

Here’s how you do it: Slowly mix 5 cups confectioners sugar into a bowl with 2 cups yogurt. Dip your pretzels, strawberries or whatever you are coating in the thickened mixture and place them on a cookie sheet. Cover your treats with wax paper and place in the refrigerator to dry. That’s basically all there is to it. Try using food coloring to change the yogurt into a ghastly goop before you start dipping.

Halloween Snack Mix

chex mixTo complete any haunting Halloween there is one treat that is practically a must. Snack mix with dried fruit is the perfect alternative to candy for any Halloween party. Corn Chex cereal, pretzel twists and dried fruit like golden and black raisins and dried apricots can be poured and mixed by kids in a large party bowl. Once the little mad scientists have completed their experiment they’ve got a crunchy snack that should help them come down from their Halloween sugar high.

And don’t forget to give the treats funny, ghoulish names to encourage the kids to gobble them up. From bugs in a bag (snack mix) to slime (green yogurt), there are a world of easy Halloween treats for kids and their parents to enjoy together.

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