Princess Merida Costume Ideas

Princess Merida Costume

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A Scottish tale to induce a shiver
Of a princess who wouldn’t deliver
Turned her family to bears
To avoid the lewd stares
Of the princes who wanted her quiver.

Regardless of what people say about gingers, Princess Merida has style. Although her judgement and cake-serving abilities are questionable, she makes a great Halloween costume. But do your shopping early: between Katniss from the Hunger Games and Brave’s Princess Merida, bows and arrows may be a hot commodity.

Merida’s most striking feature is her wild, curly red hair. A high quality wig with realistic hair in this style can be quite expensive, $100 or more, so consider renting a wig at a costume shop. Princess Merida typically wears a modest, dark-colored dress with gold trim. If you have a Quaker aunt, now is the perfect time to borrow her clothes. If not, check your local thrift store or look online on costume sites for a Maid Marian style dress.

Those who are particularly handy could consider using a pattern and sewing their own dress. Optional accessories could be a cape or utility belt.

Princess Merida wears a bow and a quiver of arrows at her hip. Try a recreational sports store like the Sports Authority to buy a bow if a cheap costume version isn’t easily accessible. A funny addition to your Princess Merida costume would be to attach three identical boy Cabbage Patch kids to a rope to simulate the princess’s identical triplet brothers and hang it over the shoulder as if they’re climbing up. Carrying a small bundt cake to put a spell on anyone who opposes you is also a good idea.

One major benefit to dressing as Princess Merida is her complete lack of singing ability and/or significant other. A Disney princess destined to become a lonely cat lady: a very auspicious 2012 Halloween costume.

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