Prince William & Kate Middleton Halloween Costume


Here is another cute couples’ costume that’s perfect for this year: a Prince William & Kate Middleton Halloween costume! The Willikate wedding in April 2011 was watched by an estimated 2 billion people in 180 countries, according to The Telegraph, and their style will be instantly recognizable at your Halloween event. So what’s the best way to pull this off without sneaking into Buckingham Palace to rip off some fancy royal duds?

Dressing Like the Prince

Prince William in UniformPrince William’s snazzy outfit was the ceremonial uniform of a Colonel of the Irish Guards in the British Army: a red jacket with gold piping, black pants with a red stripe, a tied belt with fringe and a blue sash.

Unless you played in your high school marching band you most likely do not own pants with a red side stripe. Simply substitute regular black dress pants and you’ll be set in the pants department. A curtain tie makes an excellent fringed belt and the blue sash can be made with a wide ribbon or piece of fabric.

A red jacket with gold piping can be found at costume stores as part of a Michael Jackson costume, amusingly enough, or as part of a pirate costume. A red blazer from a thrift store, decorated with military pins and patches would also suffice. Shiny black shoes and a receding hairline are optional but recommended.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

Kate Middleton in a Wedding DressKate wore a gown custom designed by Alexander McQueen: a floor length white gown with semi-transparent lace long sleeves and a high collar.

Kate’s dress can be made from a secondhand wedding dress (or a “corpse bride” wedding dress costume if you prefer). Just about any long white dress will do- trying to replicate the exact style of her gown isn’t necessary. A veil and a bouquet will really pull the costume together, so definitely add them. Wear the hair in an updo and add small, tasteful earrings like pearls to complete the look.

More Ideas

Fun ideas to go with the costume include adding fake blood and zombie make-up to William and Kate for a Zombie Duke and Duchess of Cambridge look; having another friend dress all in yellow with a giant hat as the Queen Mum; printing fake “Royal Wedding Programmes” to hand out; or playing Hubert Parry’s anthem “I Was Glad,” from an iPod or phone as you dance around (yes, it’s actually available on iTunes). Entering the party to the real royal wedding processional is priceless.

Prince William & Kate Middleton

Most importantly, have fun and try not to get hung up on the details.

Princess Kate Wedding Dress Costume



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