Pan Am Stewardess Costume


pan am stewardess costume

Just when it seemed that stewardess mystique was dead–killed by outlawing discrimination, cutting off free drinks and too many air marshals–here comes ABC to bring it back. If you would like to revisit the time before disabling the lavatory smoke detector carried a $25,000 fine, come to your Halloween party this year dressed in a Pan Am stewardess costume!

Assuming you have a butt ready for pinching, this costume requires a blue jacket and skirt, a white shirt, long white gloves, a pillbox hat and perhaps a bag. Thanks to Generation Y nostalgia for crap they can’t even remember, you can buy brand new Pan Am bags–even though the airline folded in 1991! Visit a shop like this for a bag.

The blue skirt suit might be more difficult to find. Party stores rent “sexy stewardess” costumes by the dozen, but they may not reflect the “Pan Am” vibe you seek. Purchasing a suit new is an expensive, but feasible, option. For $150, this suit even includes a pillbox hat!

You could also simply substitute a skirt suit in blue that you already own, and then buy a pillbox hat for around $20. A plain white collared shirt underneath will complete the look.

With a teasing comb, hairspray and pin curls (or a curling iron), you can give yourself a bouffant that will render the question “Coffee, Tea or Me” worthless. A prep video like this one¬†will show you how.

Assuming you are suited, bouffant-ed and topped with a pillbox hat, other accessories can make this costume fun. Try carrying a plastic tray and little bags of peanuts. When you see a friend across the room, show them the nearest exit by gesturing with two fingers. Remember, the nearest exit may be behind them. Tiny, airline-sized bottles of liquor in your pocket are also a useful addition to the costume.



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