Make Your Own Thor Halloween Costume Based on the Movie


Much like Thor, you are a magnificent god cast down among humans as punishment. The best way to show these puny mortals your strength is by creating your own awesome Thor Halloween costume. Only lesser deities rent their costumes! So here’s how you can create your Thor in battle dress costume out of household goods and easily located items. The realm of Asgard awaits you!

thor halloween costume

Things you will need:

2 pieces of flat cardboard, at least 30″ x 40″
6 lids from yogurt containers/sour cream containers, ect.
can of silver spray paint
silver novelty fishnet tights
knee high black boots
black leggings
black bicycle shorts
gray calf-length socks
men’s black sleeveless shirt
safety pins
glue gun
black Sharpie marker
helmet OR gray knit cap
red cape
blonde wig (optional)

Thor’s Armor

Assembling your armor and under-armor will be your most difficult challenge. Begin by taking the fishnet stockings and cutting out the crotch panel and cutting off both feet. This will now form your long sleeve “undershirt”: the hole you’ve cut will be the neck hole and the legs become long sleeves. Don’t worry if it’s too short. The black sleeveless t-shirt will go over the undershirt.

armorTake the lids and cardboard outside and spray paint them silver. The lids will be glued on facing down, so pay attention to coverage on the top, not the underside. You may need to spray them twice for good coverage.

Allow the cardboard to dry and then cut your front armor panel. It should be roughly rectangular and wider at the top than the bottom. It will go on the front of the black t-shirt, so use your own chest measurements as a guide.

From the other piece of cardboard, cut six small rectangles, onto which the lids will be glued. Use the bottom half of the cardboard for this because the top half will be used later to make your helmet wings.

Using the glue gun, glue the lids to one end of each rectangle. After the lids are firmly attached, glue the rectangles to the chest plate, angled downwards and in. This forms your armor. Use the black Sharpie to add detail and make the center look more interesting.

Attach your chest armor to your black t-shirt by safety pinning from the inside. If you are more interested in the overall look and less detail, a black fisherman’s vest with lots of pockets or a flack vest if available would make a good substitute.


thor helmetReturning to the silver cardboard, fold it in half down the middle and trace the wing for your helmet on one side. When you cut through the folded cardboard, you should have two symmetrical wings. Remember to angle them upwards and make them at least 9-10″ from tip to base. After cutting out the wings, spray paint them again on both sides for coverage.

If you have a helmet you can attach the wings with some clear tape. If you’re using a knit cap, safety pin them from the inside. Use 4 or 5 pins so the wings stay upright without drooping.

Other Features

You can pick up a red cape at most costume shops, or use a red towel or sheet to form your cape. If you have some shoulder pads you can try putting them on and draping the cape over the top for maximum effect. If not, just pinning the cape to your shoulders should still look good.

Take your gray socks and cut off the toe. Cut a smaller hole on one side, about half an inch from the top. Put your hand in the sock and poke your thumb out the side hole; voila, gauntlets!

Thor has a sweeping mane of hair. If you are more follicularly challenged you may substitute a shoulder length blonde wig, or just keep your helmet on. Put on your leggings with bicycle shorts over them. Slip on your knee length boots and you are prepared to grasp the famous hammer of Thor!

A regular sledgehammer is the easiest prop for Thor. Lacking that, substitute a potato masher or a regular hammer. Now go forth and show these puny humans a true hero!



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