5 (Mostly) Awesome Mad Men Halloween Costumes


If 60s fashion floats your boat then you’ve probably considered dressing up as your favorite character from AMC’s hit drama Mad Men. Fashion plays a┬ápivotal role on the show as costume designer Janie Bryant goes to great lengths to stay true to the styles of the era. While you may not have the same costume budget to work with, a little thrift store hunting should be all you need to put together your own amazing costume. For a little inspiration, here are some of my favorite Mad Men Halloween costumes from around the ‘net.

Don Draper

Don Draper costume

Image by JFrey via reddit


This guy’s got the basic ingredients right: dark suit, white shirt, skinny tie, hair full of pomade. The booze and smokes are a nice touch as well. Yet something seems to be missing from his Don Draper costume. Maybe it’s the lack of tailoring in the suit (1960’s suits were always well-tailored). Maybe it’s that he’s missing a fedora. The tie could be skinnier, the suit a bit lighter (maybe a nice light gray). Overall not a bad effort though.

Joan Holloway Harris

Joan Holloway costume

Image by pinupkate via Craftster


A red vintage dress, beehive wig and some nifty accessories complete this awesome Joan Holloway costume. If you’re handy with a swing machine and are lucky enough to find a 60s-style pen necklace at your local thrift shop perhaps you too can recreate this look.

Betty Francis (Draper)

Betty Draper costume

Image by Elizabeth via littlebirdbabybird.blogspot.com


The former Betty Draper is the typical 60s housewife and this costume does a good job copying the look with a green vintage dress and red pumps. A pearl necklace and a well-placed brooch would help complete the Betty Draper costume. Of course, if you choose this outfit for Halloween you run the risk of being confused with Grace Kelly, but maybe that’s a good problem to have.

Peggy Olson

Peggy Olson costume

Image by TimBuktu via aspecialthing.com


Throughout the first couple seasons of Mad Men, Peggy was best known as the girl with the frumpy style and “weird” bangs. This guy’s got the bangs right but somehow he looks a little too comfortable in his own skin.

Roger Sterling

Roger Sterling costume

Image by ChrisGoldNY via flickr


The Silver Fox typically wears a gray suit or vest that is a shade or two darker than his silvery hair. The vest in this Roger Sterling costume is a bit dark, but the lipstick on the collar is a nice touch and pretty much guarantees he won’t be confused for Anderson Cooper.



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