Lady Gaga Judas Costume


Lady Gaga Judas Costume

Have you ever wished that the Bible was more like the musical “Grease”? So has Lady Gaga. In her new “Judas” video, she’s partnered with standup guy Jesus… but she has the hots for Judas. It only makes sense: Judas has thirty pieces of silver AND he’s confident enough to kiss another man on the cheek.

If the meat dress is just too visceral for you, perhaps the perfect Halloween costume is a Lady Gaga Judas costume. All the little monsters will be jealous.

Start by assembling the accessories for the costume. If you happen to be a sexy Hell’s Angel, you can use your own wardrobe; otherwise you can probably find a lot of what you need for this outfit at Hot Topic.

lady gaga judas wig
Here’s what you need:

red or black bandana
biker-style leather jacket
black bra top
black tenga style panties or short-shorts
black tights
black, knee-high biker boots

If you don’t have long, teased blonde hair, a wig will help you out. A classic Marilyn Monroe wig will work perfectly. Tease it up and over the bandana, tied around your forehead Rocky-style.

A matte foundation with red lipstick should be used for the face. The point of emphasis for the face will be the double lines drawn under the eyes- use a sharp tipped black eyebrow pencil or waterproof black eyeliner pen. Match the lines by giving yourself sleek, sloping eyebrows as well.

Gaga eye makeup

The tights go on underneath the short-shorts. In the video, the shorts have a skull and crossbones on the front, but plain black shorts or panties will be fine. Knee-high, bondage or biker-style black boots complete the look for the bottom half. On top, the black bra top and biker jacket, left unzipped, finish the costume.

You may even be able to coax actor Norman Reedus to play Judas alongside you, just like in Gaga’s video. After all, his resume is mostly bit parts from Law and Order and the Boondock Saints.

Gaga outfit-full


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