Lady Gaga Edge of Glory Costume


Lady Gaga Edge of Glory Costume

You have had a fetish for fire escapes since playing Maria in “West Side Story” and you’re wondering how to incorporate your love of heights into a costume. As always, Lady Gaga is the answer. Dressing Gaga-style for Halloween this year and recreating her “Edge of Glory” video can bring you fame and fortune, or at least a two-tone wig. Please pour out a little of your drink for fallen E Street Band member Clarence Clemens, who provided the sax for this song, before dressing.

If Ben-Hur enjoyed bondage, he would probably have a outfit like the one she wears in the video. It is a strappy, buckle-covered bustier, gold medallion necklaces, black elbow-length gloves, leather hot pants, thigh-high fishnet stockings and knee-high boots with silver medallion buckles up the front.

Your Edge of Glory Costume

If all of your studded leatherwear was confiscated by Homeland Security, look no further than your local Frederick’s of Hollywood store. Worried about running into former teachers in there? Online retailers like this one carry the bustier, hot pants and gloves. As a money saving measure, regular black elbow length gloves can be bedazzled at home.

Black knee high boots, necklaces and fishnet stockings should be straightforward to locate. Look at local craft stores or beading stores for aluminum medallions to attach with double-stick tape for authenticity.

Hairstyle & Makeup

For Lady Gaga’s hair, there are several options. Her hairstyle in the video is a blonde and black bob. A synthetic blonde wig can be half colored black, using permanent marker, if time is not an issue. Synthetic hair will not absorb hair dyes, so regular dye can’t be used. Another option is a two-tone Lady Gaga wig like this one. While not exactly like the one in the video, it is certainly in keeping with the style.

Use black waterproof eyeliner to apply the trademark wave of black in double angled lines above and below the eye. She also has a small square drawn on her right cheekbone. Red lipstick and nail polish complete a classic (for Gaga) look, compared by critics to Madonna in “Papa Don’t Preach.”

Give the ground a kiss, and your Lady Gaga Edge of Glory costume is ready to go!

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