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last friday night costume

There’s always that one kid with the super-conservative Christian parents who goes wild later on. In the celebrity world, that’s Katy Perry. First she kissed a girl, and now she wakes up with a live chicken and jello shots after last Friday night. You can pay tribute to either your parents’ crushed dreams or just the way you spent last weekend by wearing Katy Perry’s Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.) outfit for Halloween this year.

Yank off your headgear and get the following items together for your Kathy Beth Terry…. I mean, Katy Perry costume:

hot pink crop top

Hot pink crop top

Finding a vintage 80s top like the one worn in the video is not easy, but this hot pink pullover comes pretty darn close. You could either wear it as is, or shorten it slightly for a midriff-baring look.

green skirt for costume

Neon green mini skirt

If you’re lucky you may be able to find a neon green lyrica skirt from the 80s at your local thrift store. If not, this neon green mini skirt comes closest to matching Katy’s skirt in the video. The color is a bit lighter, but it’ll definitely do the trick. Add a thick green belt and run a piece of black electrical tape down the front of the skirt as a black stripe.

Chunky bangle bracelets

Chunky bangle bracelets

Again, the thrift store is a good place to find vintage accessories. Otherwise you can find much of what you need online.

Other accessories:

classic pumps- yellow, pink

Two high heeled shoes, one pink and one yellow

Katy Perry Belt

’80s neon green wide belt

costume braces

Fake costume braces

80s-style triangle plastic earrings, preferably pink and yellow

You’ll also need a hair crimper and frosty Wet N Wild eyeshadow to complete the look. For makeup tips, check out the following video

Kudos to Katy Perry for paying respect to her youth in this video. She was just a baby in 1984 when the style first came out, and had just started pre-school when most of America hung up their Max Headroom t-shirts and un-pegged their jeans. Fun accessories for a Katy Perry Last Friday Night costume could include an ice skate for throwing up into; horn-rimmed glasses with tape over the nose piece; paper streamers. For the perfectionist you can even get fake braces created from a mold so they fit your teeth invisibly. These braces could also be used for an Ugly Betty costume or to attract fetishists on a slow night. Have fun!



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