3 Katniss Everdeen Costume Ideas From ‘The Hunger Games’



If the odds are ever in your favor, you’re planning to come as Katniss Everdeen for Halloween this year. Dressing as Tiananmen Square as a symbol of revolution is too complicated, plus you’ll look much hotter in a braid. Dressing as the Mockingjay offers a wide variety of costume opportunities. Here are three Katniss Everdeen costume ideas from ‘The Hunger Games’.

1) Wedding dress Mockingjay: Start with a thrift store white wedding dress. Carefully apply a black feather boa or black feathers from a feather duster along the hem, using fabric glue or stitching them down by hand, moving up the skirt to simulate the mockingjay feathers emerging from below. Above the feathers, apply an orange and red sequin or fire print border as the dress “burns away.” Pair the dress with a wedding veil and a bow and arrows.

2) Opening ceremonies Katniss: Wear an all-black unitard from a dance supply store, paired with a full black cape. Using red and orange glitter fabric paint, paint flames along the inside and outside hem of the cape. This costume is also wonderful paired with a partner whose hand needs to be clutched tightly the whole evening.

3) Arena Katniss: Pair a green shirt and a pair of brown pants with an orange backpack and a gold Mockingjay pin, easily cut from cardboard and spray painted gold. Add a bow and arrow and if possible, some fake dead yellowjackets stuck on an arm to simulate Trackerjackers. Carry a handful of blackberries and be ready to eat them if the conversation takes a boring turn.

The Girl on Fire costume is irresistible to bakers and hunters and it exerts a potent effect on sushi-rollers, fry cooks and those guys at Benihana as well. Use with discretion and be ready to defend yourself if you appear to be used as a tool by anyone, Capitol or not.



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