Halloween Horoscopes – Costume Ideas for Each Astrological Sign


Halloween Horoscopes


We all believe that our costume choices are within our control, but are they really directed by the stars? Your astrological sign can play a role in selecting the perfect outfit for this Halloween. Read on for your zodiac zinger for this year.

Aries, the Ram
Described as: willful, bold, feisty, self-centered, courageous.

You know those costumes that get banned from indoor venues? Those were worn by an Aries. Foolhardy and independent, a costume like a fire-breathing dragon, with real fire, makes the Aries stand out in a crowd.

Taurus, the Bull
Described as: creative, possessive, down-to-earth, dependable, and persistent.

Practical and loyal, a Taurus is a great part of any two-person costume. She can be counted on to show up wearing the other box, or playing the Tin Man to Dorothy. A great designated driver, be sure to invite plenty of Tauri to your party.

Gemini, the Twins
Described as: curious, changeable, elusive, versatile, childlike, friendly, and unpredictable.

A Gemini embraces his playful side and needs a costume with a sword to wave. Think pirate, Musketeer or Luke Skywalker. A Gemini can be spotted in neighborhoods asking for candy even after he has his own children.

Cancer, the Crab
Described as: cautious, protective, instinctive, nurturing, needy, sensitive, empathetic.

The Cancer wore the same costume every year when he was a kid, and he still sees nothing wrong with the stick and handkerchief hobo costume. If you press him and force him to try something else, it will be a ghost costume made of a sheet with eye holes cut out.

Leo, the Lion
Described as: flamboyant, demanding, show-offs, self-made, outgoing.

Provocative and distinctive, count on the Leo to wear the scandalous costume of the moment. Willing to dress up like a terrorist just after 9/11, the Leo at your gathering may make you cringe. Leos are known to hog the kareoke machine at parties as well.

Virgo, the Maiden
Described as: discriminating, analytical, reliable, modest.

Slightly obsessive, a Virgo’s costume can be spotted by the carefully completed beadwork, feathers or filigree. A mermaid costume with hand-applied scales is perfect for a Virgo. Be very careful never to spill a drink on a Virgo.

Libra, the Scales
Described as: harmonious, civilized, intellectual, creative, balanced, and witty.

Sophisticated and elegant, celebrity costumes call to Libras. Marilyn Monroe, Jackie Onassis and even Martha Stewart are perfect celebrity look-alike costumes that allow Libras to break out their strings of real pearls.

Scorpio, the Scorpion
Described as: intense, magnetic, erotic, challenging, broody, passionate and immoveable.

The Scorpio waits for Halloween to break out her sexy costume, like the negligee with devil horns and a pitchfork or her “Hot for Teacher” specialty, which has all the guys in the bar waiting for a bite of her apple.

Sagittarius, the Archer
Described as: adventurous, spirited, unstoppable, open-minded, happy.

A hilarious extrovert like a Sagittarius needs a costume to match. Costumes that are visual puns or just funny to wear- think “life-size Foosball piece”- make a Sagittarius the hit of the party.

Capricorn, the Sea-goat
Described as: respectful, devoted, serious, practical and goal-oriented.

The organized and ambitious qualities of a Capricorn mean that an authentic period costume, like an 18th century judge with a powdered wig, ordered from a specialty shop online, months in advance, is a good choice.

Aquarius, the Water Carrier
Described as: idealistic, rebellious, honest, independent, open.

Original and inventive means a costume with moving parts, like a cuckoo clock with working birds, or a wishing well with real water. The Aquarius’ costume usually looks best at the beginning of the night and ends with shrapnel spread through the room.

Pisces, the Two Fish
Described as: dreamy, creative, erratic, compassionate, sensitive and elusive.

A floaty costume, like an angel or a princess, is a great costume for a Pisces, given her romantic and dreamy qualities. Since Pisces tend to own a lot of scarves, Stevie Nicks could also be a great last minute costume consideration.



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