Group Halloween Costume Ideas


Getting a group to dress up together for Halloween is always a lot of fun–but there’s a right and a wrong way to do it. Sure, the classic caterpillar, centipede or horse costume may seem clever, but they aren’t too practical for moving around or socializing. Only the head gets to enjoy the party! You may win the costume contest but is it really worth it if you end up spending most of the evening as a horse’s behind?

Luckily there are plenty of other group Halloween costume ideas that are less restrictive and allow everyone to have a great time.

Board Game Costumes

My personal favorite was when my daughters and their friends dressed as Clue (the board game) characters. Of course, the girls both wanted to be the glamorous Ms. Scarlet, but compromised by dressing Mrs. Peacock in a silky teal gown. Mr. Plum found a purple suit, Colonel Mustard a military get-up, and Mrs. White was cute little maid. All the costumes were pulled together in one trip to Goodwill.

Classic TV

flintstones group costumeAt another event my daughter and several classmates dressed as the Flintstones. One participant had a purchased costume but the rest created their own using fabric and some old bedsheets. Many classic TV shows and cartoons lend themselves to group costuming, such as Gilligan’s Island, The Addams Family, Care Bears or Smurfs.



photo credit: rimesparse

Food Themes

To branch away from the usual ideas and get a bit more creative, try a food-themed group. For example, each person can dream up a costume for a favorite vegetable and go the party together as….a SALAD. Or, a hot dog costume is fairly easy to design, with friends dressed in solid red (ketchup), yellow (mustard), green (relish) and so on.

Briany Costume Ideas

abe lincoln costumeFor the more intellectual, historical or literary characters can work–but only if the rest of the party-goers will actually recognize the theme! You might be able to pull off a presidential theme with Abe Lincoln and George Washington, but who is going to recognize William Howard Taft?

The abstract thinker can try dressing as character traits or emotions. That’ll give the other guests something to think about. What does “joy” look like? Or “love”? Or “anger”? At least you won’t have the same costumes as anyone else.

photo credit: Plutor

Animal Families

Finally, an animal theme is easy to plan. My daughters and a friend dressed in pink footie pajamas, added some ears and, with only a few minutes of prep, were adorable, cuddly bunnies. You could try a mama cat with a litter of kittens, a circus ringmaster with his trained beasts, or to gross people out a bit, a swarm of various insects.

Creativity and a thrift store are all that are needed for your next awesome group costume!



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