Gay Marriage-Themed Halloween Costumes


At some gatherings, two people engage in a sacred ritual, looked on with reverence by a group of friends and family. Not entered into lightly, this act involves a chalice with holy liquid and a token of great import. This ritual is also known as “quarters” or “flip cup.”

Not to be outdone, you can have a Halloween costume that also celebrates the union of two people: gay marriage! Recently legalized in the sixth state in the U.S., the institution is finally available to those among us with true strength and fashion sense. If you’re on the hunt for a quick and timely Halloween costume for two people, what could be better?

With This Costume, I Thee Wed

gay marriage costumeTo take your BFF in a vow for a great costume, start with the traditional trappings of a wedding: a dress or a tux, and multiply by two. For two females, start by hunting up two wedding dresses at a thrift store. They don’t have to match; if you’d like to have a “theme,” try making matching rainbow sashes out of ribbon to wear with your dresses.

Veils and bouquets make your wedded lesbian costume complete. Try entering parties by holding hands and jumping in ecstatically, a la the photographs of the courthouse steps in New York where same-sex unions were finally recognized.

For the two-gent costume, you have an extravagant option and a budget option. For a truly classy look, you can rent matching tuxes. A tuxedo rental can run as low as $50.00 in some places, but can be much more. For a budget option, wear a regular suit and buy matching bow ties. Or pin a pink triangle lapel above each of your left breasts. Voila! a fabulous costume your friends will envy.

This costume increases your desirability as a partner regardless of your orientation: if you’re gay, it shows that you’re not afraid of commitment and if you’re straight, it shows how open-minded you are, a win-win situation.

Wear your costumes with pride- pun intended- and appreciate the recognition finally given to those who want a union lasting longer than October 31.



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