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gangnam style costume

By South Korean standards, rapper PSY is hard-core. He was once arrested for possession of marijuana and twice drafted into military service. He was even fined by the government for inappropriate content on his album “PSY… from the PSYcho World!” In the United States, though, Gangnam Style appears approximately as tough as a Boot Scootin’ Boogie.

However, given the dearth of South Korean sex symbols – it’s a showdown between PSY and the Asian MILF guy from “American Pie,”- Gangnam Style is the chance of a lifetime. Described as “breaking the stereotype that K-Pop male singers have to be handsome and dance well,” here’s one YouTube sensation that will make for a hilarious Halloween costume this year.

How to Put Together your Gangnam Style Costume

Start by being an Asian guy. Next, buy or rent a black (or dark purple) tux with a matching flat front shirt and a white bow tie.

Add black and white wing-tip shoes, and now the most difficult step: untie the bow tie and leave the ends loose. In Asia this kind of ‘paradigm shifting’ can be punishable by fine or mandatory street cleaning.

gangnam full

Finally, add some dark sunglasses and combed back hair. Preparations for Gangnam Style are now complete.

If the untied bowtie is intolerable for OCD conditions, other Gangnam Style outfits are available. One consists in its entirety of a turquoise beach towel with pink designs worn in a wrap-around style with dark sunglasses.

gangnam beach towel

Another is his “disco” outfit. A plain white button-down long sleeve shirt paired with dark purple chinos and black shoes.

psy disco outfit

And my personal favorite. PSY in a light blue blazer with black pants, a white shirt and a black bow tie.

psy blue blazer

Dancing Gangnam Style is described by PSY as “riding an invisible, bouncing horse,” something to be aware of when holding a drink. It is common for one person to crawl in between another’s legs when dancing Gangnam Style. If this happens the person standing should perform pelvic thrusts and the person on the floor should do chest dips towards the floor, adding the benefit of triceps exercise to the proposition. Watch the video if you need more inspiration.



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