Fun Halloween Games for Teenagers


So you decided to host a Halloween party but are in need of some fun activities that you and your friends can do to make it a smashing success. Why not organize a few entertaining Halloween games for the big day? True, many of the games that you find browsing the web seem like they are primarily meant for younger kids, but there are still plenty of fun Halloween games for teenagers as well. Here are a few favorites that always go over well at our yearly Halloween bash.

halloween party games for adultsHide and Scream

A new variation of the old favorite “hide and seek,” this game is the perfect icebreaker for any Halloween party. In order to ensure that the game goes smoothly, a helper and a designated “seeker” must be chosen.

The guests should be told to hide somewhere in the house, and they have only three minutes to do so. While they are choosing their hiding places, the seeker must go into a different room and don a scary costume. Any sort of basic “monster” costume with a mask will do the trick. Next, the seeker’s helper must turn off all the lights and announce that a monster has “escaped.”

The monster finds the hiders one by one and scares them by shinning a spotlight on the scary mask that he or she is wearing. Each guest who is found must go to the graveyard–a designated area of the home where he or she must lie on the floor like a corpse until everyone is found. The person who did the best job of hiding wins a prize such as some Halloween candy or a pair of vampire fangs.

Scary Stories with Gruesome Props

To turn the madness up a notch you can organize a party favorite that we like to call Body Parts. For this game, one guest tells a story while another hands out objects that represent fake body parts. The tale should be told in a dark room and guests must agree to wear blindfolds. If the “body parts” are seen the game will be ruined, so blindfolds are crucial.

The narrator can begin the story by saying “Here lies our neighbor, Bill. He has met an untimely death; however he has left us several things to remember him by.” The storyteller then begins to announce which items Bill has left behind, such as his teeth, at which point the guest are handed a few pieces of uncooked popcorn kernels. Next, the gruesome taleteller could say that Bill has left his eyeballs behind, while each guest is handed two olives. Faux fur can be used for hair, pasta for intestines, and cooked cauliflower works perfect for brains! It’s really funny listening to everybody’s reactions as they get their first touch of one of the “body parts.”

Egg Roulette


Egg roulette is perhaps one of the funniest Halloween party games for teens to play, even if it is a bit silly. All the host or hostess needs for this messy event are a few dozen eggs and some black and orange dye. Most of the eggs should be hard-boiled, but one out of each dozen should be left raw. The eggs must then be dyed orange or black.

Each guest who wants to participate is handed an egg at random. The guests should be lined up in front of the room and told that a raw egg exists somewhere in the mix. Then, at the count of three the players each break their egg on their forehead. Watch hilarity ensue as one guest ends up with egg on his or her face. Be sure to have a moist towel handy for the “lucky” winner. You can also reward them with a prize for their troubles.

Playing one or more of the aforementioned games is a great way to ensure that your Halloween party will be remembered for a long time to come.

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