Four Creative Costume Ideas for Women


Kids aren’t the only ones who like to dress up on Halloween. Lots of women enjoy flexing their creative muscles and end up putting in a lot of time and effort to make the day extra special. In fact, many of my female friends probably have even more fun on Halloween than their kids do. There are a ton of creative costume ideas for women, but here are a few that can be put together at home relatively easily. I’ve tried to avoid some of the more cliche costumes like witches, nurses, ect. for some ideas that are a bit more original.

Fallen Angel Costume

fallen angel costumeFirst, one of the easiest ladies’ costumes to put together is the fallen angel. There are a few ways to pull off this look, and most of them can be found right inside your closet. Start by finding an old black dressing gown or discarded black dress that you may have thought you’d never use again. It doesn’t have to be sexy, but should not be something that’s overly glamorous.

Once you have your dress, find some black heels or boots that you are comfortable wearing. A pair of torn fishnet stockings or black leggings also add a nice touch. To give the appearance of an angel you could curl your hair and pin it up, leaving a few ringlets dangling near your face. A halo is simple to create using thin wire wrapped with art pipe cleaners and glitter.

Now the wings are the tricky part, but I’ve had success fashioning angel wings using a large piece of cardboard and some spray paint. You could also pick up a pair of angel wings at a costume shop and paint it to match the rest of your costume. The nice part about being a “fallen” angel rather than a regular angel is that the costume does not have to be perfect. Sometimes a set of lopsided wings and mismatched shoes can really add to the effect.

Classic Movie Star

elizabeth taylorDressing up as a movie star is simple and fun, but it seems everyone and their grandma wants to be Lindsey Lohan or Lady Gaga. If you enjoy classic Hollywood it can be fun to try and pull off the classic look. Use your most stylish long dress and wrap a shawl around your shoulders. Wear large statement jewelry and dramatic makeup. And don’t forget ruby red lipstick and big sunglasses! Either curl your hair under or slick it back into a sleek bun.

You can base your costume on a celebrity like Elizabeth Taylor or Katharine Hepburn, or just go with the generic Hollywood starlet look.

Lady Pirate

lady pirate costumeGuys shouldn’t be the only ones allowed to say “yarr mateys” on Halloween! Remember those old black exercise pants? They make great pirate gear. Pair these with knee high boots – you can find these at thrift stores – and wear a ruffled white blouse. Wrap lots of random colored strips of cloth around your hands and arms and cover your fingers with as many rings as you can stand.

Let your hair fall naturally and tie a bandana around your forehead. Gold hooped earrings add dramatic flair. If you have any leather craft strings around the house, use them as a necklace and string seashells along them. A sheathed plastic sword and large belt will finish your look.

Old Hag

old hag costumeSexy costumes are always popular on Halloween, but sometimes it’s more fun to dress up as a beast rather than a beauty. You can create a memorable Halloween by putting together your very own old hag costume. My friend Diane pulls this off well, though she is gorgeous in real life. Seeing her dressed as an old hag with a hunchback and facial warts is hilarious and a bit scary.

To start off, find a long grey-ish dress that trails past your feet. Then add a pair of buckled black shoes. You can find some old clothing at your local thrift store if you have nothing in your wardrobe that would be appropriate. If you live near a costume store you can also purchase some black caps to place on your teeth. You may even buy facial modeling clay to create the illusion of a large nose. Tying a small pillow to the upper half of your back, under the dress, will make it appear as if you are humped and hunched over.

Keep makeup minimal, but try using heavy green eye-shadow or red contacts. You can give yourself some realistic looking warts using yellow or black raisins with spirit gum as an adhesive. This is a costume idea that is guaranteed to shock and amuse at any Halloween party.



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