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Jumping from a platform on the edge of space might seem scary to some, but if you’re daredevil Felix Baumgartner it’s all in a day’s work. Fearless Felix’s record jump awed millions watching around the world, helping inspire the the next generation of young thrill seekers.

Fortunately you can imitate your hero even if you are afraid of heights. How? With your Felix Baumgartner costume, of course. With Halloween coming up there’s no doubt we’ll be seeing quite a few mini-Felixes out there this year. But you’ll have to get creative, because this is one costume that you probably won’t find in stores.

Felix Baumgartner

An Easy Fearless Felix Halloween Costume

So, what do you need for this exhilarating costume idea? It’s pretty simple really. Felix wore a white pressurized space suit adored with the logo for his sponsor, Red Bull. A plain, white space suit costume will work for our purposes. Ideally, one with few NASA or USA adornments, as Baumgartner is an Austrian after all.

Here’s one from Amazon that should do the trick.

felix baumgartner costume






Space Explorer Costume by Forum Novelties

You’re also going to need a white helmet with a visor. If you know someone with a white motorcycle helmet, you could ask to borrow it for your daredevil costume. If not, a costume space helmet will be your best bet.

white space helmet

White Space Helmet

Now to really differentiate your costume from that of an astronaut you will want to decorate the suit and helmet with the logo for Felix’s sponsor, Red Bull. You can buy a variety of patches and stickers to match the logos on Felix’s outfit.

red bull patch

Red Bull Logo Iron-On

red bull sticker

Red Bull Vinyl Sticker

Other items to consider include a pair of white gloves, a parachute (use a backpack if you don’t have access to a parachute), and a pair of white shoes or boots. And most importantly, once your costume is ready please resist the urge to jump from high places. Dressed as your hero you might feel downright invincible, but remember, Felix is a trained professional. Definitely don’t try this stunt at home!


felix freefall




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