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Not only is Donald Trump a highly successful real estate mogul, but he once owned a football team and is the only presidential candidate with his very own board game. Just a bit of Trump trivia you can use to sound smart at Halloween parties. With that in mind, why not pay tribute by dressing up as The Donald this year? A Donald Trump Halloween costume is topical, funny, and you won’t have to spend all night explaining who you are (unless your friends are total losers).

So what exactly does this costume entail? It’s really pretty simple. Trump may be a billionaire, but you don’t have to spend billions to replicate his style. If you have a navy blue blazer you are already ahead of the game. Pair the blazer with a white button down shirt, and leave the top button undone to imitate Trump’s “billionaire casual” style he often dons on the campaign trail.

Or button up and add a bold, solid color tie. Trump has his own necktie brand if you want to be authentic about it. Look for something in bright red. Trump has been favoring red ties as he courts the Republican nomination, but he occasionally will be seen wearing a solid blue one.

Next we need a hat. But not just any hat. We need a hat that articulates a bold and compelling vision for our country. Enter the Make America Great Again hat! Trump wore these on the campaign trail this summer just as he began climbing in the polls. Coincidence? Maybe. But there’s no better way to get your point across than by wearing it right atop your head. You have your choice of snow white or republican red. Trump alternates between the two on the trail and either will work for your costume.

Bewild Brand Make American Great Again – Red

Bewild Brand Trump 2016 – White

Now for the hair! Trump’s signature hairstyle is achieved by first blow-drying the hair forward over the eyes, then combing and blowing it back and to the side. If you’re not lucky enough to have a head full of magnificent platinum blonde and gray hair, then you’re going to need a wig.

Mr. President Halloween Costume Wig

Finally, no Presidential costume is complete without an American flag lapel pin.

USA Lapel Pin Standard Flag

There you have it! An easy costume that will make your Republican friends jealous and Democrats quiver in their boots. Make Halloween great again with your very own Donald Trump Halloween costume!



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