Daenerys Targaryen Costume (Game of Thrones)


Daenerys Targaryen costume

Nerds love hot girls who look like elves. Time, movies and anime have borne out this hypothesis. If you are the lucky, lucky hot girl who is attracted to nerds, you can take your five dates to the Halloween party dressed as Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones. Though her name sounds like a member of the Armenian diaspora, this girl is definitely not from California.

“Game of Thrones,” an HBO series debuting in 2011, features a medieval fantasy world that looks like the love child of “Elf Quest” and “Braveheart.” Dothraki, the language spoken, is no Klingon, but the popularity of the series has had the show picked up for a second season immediately.

Putting Together a Daenerys Targaryen Costume

Daenerys, or Dany, as she’s sometimes called on the show, favors earth tones and natural fibers, since the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros haven’t yet discovered polyester and Sansabelt slacks. For a top notch Daenerys costume, your best bet may be to comb sites like Etsy.

Tops like this one, called the Wish for Me, are as close to Thronewear as you’ll find, and the seller’s other selections are in keeping with the character.

Wish for Me - Etsy








Hair and Makeup

Daenerys has long, light blonde hair that a Rapunzel or Tangled wig would simulate well. As a geek two-for-one, you can wear it again next year when you come as Legolas Greenleaf. She wears a matte ivory foundation and smoky eye makeup in a palette of browns. Lips are neutral and she often wears no jewelry, not even earrings.

She is often barefoot, but leather sandals would be suitable as well. Worn leather fingerless motorcycle gloves keep her ready to hop on a white horse and ride away, although permitting restrictions will most likely prevent the horse from accompanying you out for the evening. As Daenerys once appeared in a scene eating a horse’s heart, perhaps the horse aspect is best avoided altogether.

For the very bold, a costume of nude Khaleesi from the first season finale could be an option. Baby dragons could be placed in the manner of fig leaves for modesty, although as the character gains confidence and power through the series, the dragon-modesty cover may be entirely unnecessary.

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