Creating a Severus Snape Costume


Your social life is a Deathly Hallow and you need to get your Sorcerer’s Stones together and go to a Halloween party. What should you wear? The answer is obvious: a Severus Snape costume.

Severus Snape

Although Severus is a half-blood, his fashion sense is pure Muggle. A proper Snape costume is black, black, black. If you can channel a teenage goth kid and cross him with the hair-do of a substitute teacher, you have the idea. Most of the items that make up a Snape costume can be found in your own wardrobe, so long as you prefer darker hues.

To get into the Snape spirit, grab yourself a wand of any type. Since his wand is unspecified in the books or the movies you can even use a tree branch if you’d like.

Then assemble the outfit:

  • close fitting black pants
  • black boots
  • a high-necked, long sleeved black coat, knee-length or slightly below
  • black cape

The pants and boots should be simple to locate. For the coat, consider a coat from a pirate costume or an Asian-inspired jacket with a Mandarin collar. Even a long sleeved black shirt would work in a pinch, especially if it has fancier detailing around the buttons and is extra long.

The cape should be long and full, but without a high Dracula-style collar. A black graduation gown, unzipped at the front, looks very much like Snape’s outfit while teaching at Hogwarts and might be cheap and easy to find at a thrift store.

Snape is pale and sallow, so use a yellowish foundation for make-up and darken the eyes and lips with a grayish eyeshadow or eye-liner. Simulate Snape’s ‘do by going without a shampoo for a few days.

A tiny glass vial with some water in it, held in the hand, will be a great accessory that those who have seen the most recent movie will appreciate. Be sure to hold it up and say, “Look… at… me…” when speaking to fellow attendees. Although Snape died single, hopefully you won’t have to.



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