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Surviving Halloween in a Recession

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You’ve pinched so many pennies that you were sued for harassment, and it’s not even October yet! How can you possibly survive Halloween without spending a bunch of dough? Here are some ideas to make your downsized Halloween provide extra fun.

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Quick and Easy Halloween Treats for Kids

Is it possible to use the words easy and Halloween in the same sentence? If you have kids you know that the Halloween season can be pretty crazy, with costumes to buy and parties to arrange. Luckily there are many easy Halloween snacks that can be made in those spare minutes between holiday events.

Halloween Rice Crispy Treats

pumpkin rice crispy treatsOne ghostly goody that has been around for ages is the ever popular Rice Crispy treat. These sticky creations may not seem quick and easy, but usually take no longer than an hour to make. Made of puffed rice cereal, marshmallows and a bit of butter, these treats are a simple way to make your Halloween festivities extra special.

Here’s a cute recipe for Frankenstein Rice Crispy treats to get your imagination flowing.

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Spooky Cookies

Halloween cookieAnother old favorite is the old reliable sugar cookie. These sweet treats can be made into pumpkins, ghosts, black cats or anything else that is symbolic of Halloween using cookie cutters. Your local dollar store can be a great source of Halloween cookie cutters as fall draws near.

For added fun let the kids ice and decorate the cookies. Use sprinkles, chocolate chips or a frosting pen to embellish the top of the cookies and give them a personalized look.
Check out a great recipe for Halloween sugar cookies.

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Scary Haunted House Ideas & Effects

When planning a Halloween party one of the most fun things you can do is to set up your very own haunted house. This can seem like an intimidating project at first, but it’s not really as hard as it may seem. All you need are a few adjacent rooms and a little bit of imagination. Here are some scary haunted house ideas that you can use to create a frightening Halloween attraction that visitors will remember for years.

haunted house

The Set-Up

To begin with, make sure you choose a space that is well suited for use as a haunted house. If you have a long hallway you can focus your attention around that area of the house, allowing guests to visit each adjacent room for a scary surprise. Each room should have a specific theme, like a witches room, a zombie room, spider room, ect. A finished basement is often a good location as well, especially if it has no windows for light to get in, however you may want to use dividers to break the area into separate rooms.

If you are using a room with windows you’ll need to figure out how to keep the room as dark as possible. This is especially true during the day, but it can be a factor at night too when a window faces a street lamp. You can use a piece of cardboard or a thick blanket or comforter to keep the light from getting in.

For safety reasons you’ll want to make sure the room has some light, but it should be in the form of eerie, low lighting that you create using flashlights or colored light bulbs.

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Fun Halloween Games for Teenagers

So you decided to host a Halloween party but are in need of some fun activities that you and your friends can do to make it a smashing success. Why not organize a few entertaining Halloween games for the big day? True, many of the games that you find browsing the web seem like they are primarily meant for younger kids, but there are still plenty of Halloween games for teenagers to have some fun as well. Here are a few favorites that always go over well at our yearly Halloween bash.

halloween party games for adultsHide and Scream

A new variation of the old favorite “hide and seek,” this game is the perfect icebreaker for any Halloween party. In order to ensure that the game goes smoothly, a helper and a designated “seeker” must be chosen.

The guests should be told to hide somewhere in the house, and they have only three minutes to do so. While they are choosing their hiding places, the seeker must go into a different room and don a scary costume. Any sort of basic “monster” costume with a mask will do the trick. Next, the seeker’s helper must turn off all the lights and announce that a monster has “escaped.”

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