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4 Awesome David Bowie Halloween Costumes


David Bowie has been called rock’s greatest chameleon. Always looking to transcend cultural norms, Bowie reinvented himself many times throughout his five decade musical career. For Bowie, “Changes” was not just a song, but a guiding principal for life.
With this in mind, there are tons of ways to pay tribute to the Starman this Halloween. From the glam-rock icon Ziggy Stardust, to the flamboyant villain Jareth the Goblin King, here are some of our favorite David Bowie Halloween costumes.

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Daredevil Felix Baumgartner Costume

Jumping from a platform on the edge of space might seem scary to some, but if you’re daredevil Felix Baumgartner it’s all in a day’s work. Fearless Felix’s record jump awed millions watching around the world, helping inspire the the next generation of young thrill seekers.

Fortunately you can imitate your hero even if you are afraid of heights. How? With your Felix Baumgartner costume, of course. With Halloween coming up there’s no doubt we’ll be seeing quite a few mini-Felixes out there this year. But you’ll have to get creative, because this is one costume that you probably won’t find in stores.

Felix Baumgartner

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“Call Me Maybe” Carly Rae Jepsen Costume

carly rae jepson siver dress

Some of the things Americans hold dearest come courtesy of the fifty-first state: Michael J. Fox, the garbage bag, Trivial Pursuit, the X-Files and now, Carly Rae Jepsen. Now famous for her song, “Call Me Maybe,” Jepsen was previous known as the third place winner on the fifth season of Canadian Idol. This honor is much like receiving “Most Improved” in the local church bake-off, but the prize money is lower. Nonetheless, Jepsen has moved forward and, not withstanding the elided comma in her song title, become well-known.

To consider dressing as Carly Rae Jepsen this Halloween, take this true or false test to determine your suitability:

1) You are always carded buying alcohol.
2) You look good in bangs.
3) The last time something slimy got in your hair, it was Noxzema.
4) You can claim with a straight face to be inspired by your own journal.

If you answered true to every question, please continue and plan your Carly Rae Jepsen costume!

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Be PSY for Halloween with this Gangnam Style Costume

gangnam style costume

By South Korean standards, rapper PSY is hard-core. He was once arrested for possession of marijuana and twice drafted into military service. He was even fined by the government for inappropriate content on his album “PSY… from the PSYcho World!” In the United States, though, Gangnam Style appears approximately as tough as a Boot Scootin’ Boogie.

However, given the dearth of South Korean sex symbols – it’s a showdown between PSY and the Asian MILF guy from “American Pie,”- Gangnam Style is the chance of a lifetime. Described as “breaking the stereotype that K-Pop male singers have to be handsome and dance well,” here’s one YouTube sensation that will make for a hilarious Halloween costume this year.

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Princess Merida Costume Ideas

Princess Merida Costume
image by takinawa


A Scottish tale to induce a shiver
Of a princess who wouldn’t deliver
Turned her family to bears
To avoid the lewd stares
Of the princes who wanted her quiver.

Regardless of what people say about gingers, Princess Merida has style. Although her judgement and cake-serving abilities are questionable, she makes a great Halloween costume. But do your shopping early: between Katniss from the Hunger Games and Brave’s Princess Merida, bows and arrows may be a hot commodity.

Merida’s most striking feature is her wild, curly red hair. A high quality wig with realistic hair in this style can be quite expensive, $100 or more, so consider renting a wig at a costume shop. Princess Merida typically wears a modest, dark-colored dress with gold trim. If you have a Quaker aunt, now is the perfect time to borrow her clothes. If not, check your local thrift store or look online on costume sites for a Maid Marian style dress.

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