Bane Costume From ‘The Dark Knight Rises’


Owning a pair of army surplus pants, a faux-sheepskin jacket and a leather fingerless glove may make the neighbors nervously consult the Crime Stoppers website, but these articles will come in handy for Halloween. With one more step, a great Bane costume from the new movie “The Dark Knight Rises,” is complete.

Arch-Nemesis or Date-Night Savior? You Decide.

As Batman’s nemesis and fellow alum from the League of Shadows, Bane favors a typical, vaguely Eastern European thuggish style. His most prominent feature is his mask, which covers his mouth and wraps around the sides and in a single center line over his forehead. His shaved head can be simulated with a bald cap from any costume store, and there are several options for creating the mask.

Tutorials on making the mask can be found here or here. Most of the DIY mask options are very labor-intensive. A quick and great-looking alternative is a half-faceplate ventilator or respirator, purchased at any hardware store or online. Worn for painting, spraying or working with fumes, these masks are available for less than $30.








 Additional items to consider:








In the context of “The Dark Knight Rises,” Bane seems to have limited his career path and devoted a great deal of energy to a start-up operation that failed miserably. It’s important to consider other options available and make the Bane character well-rounded. One idea for Bane, not often discussed, is early childhood education.

Reasons to consider hiring Bane as a live-in nanny:
1) He speaks six active languages and at least two arcane ones.
2) Accustomed to living underground and in prisons, any room in the house will feel luxurious to him.
3) With experience in leading bands of apprentices and developing teams among outcasts and misfits, his skills as a local scoutmaster or t-ball coach would be exemplary.
4) His face mask is not only more hygienic around children, it releases a steady supply of painkilling gas- the ultimate Mother’s Little Helper.
5) His references include Ra’s al Ghul, an international mastermind, who claims that Bane took excellent care of his child under very stressful conditions.



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