Angry Birds Halloween Costume Ideas


In the pre-smartphone world, birds were not looked at as the most intimidating creatures. Sure, there were hawks and other birds of prey… but running into a colorful little birdie in a dark alley hardly gave¬†scofflaws the slightest palpitation.

These days, of course, we know better. Birds are no longer the pretty little songsters we always thought they were. No, these winged-critters can be fierce, tenacious and downright angry when they need to be. Enough to make one run for cover. Especially if you’re a pig!

Angry Birds Halloween costumes are huge this year. And while many people laugh at the idea of dressing up as a bird, it’s no sillier than the dancing banana craze from a few years back. If you’re looking to get your tweet on this Halloween, here are your options…

Option #1: Rovio’s Officially-Licensed Angry Birds Costumes

Rovio Angry Birds - Red Angry Bird Adult CostumeRovio Angry Birds - Black Angry Bird Adult CostumeRovio Angry Birds - Yellow Angry Bird Adult Costume

Rovio Angry Birds Costumes

Just in time for Halloween, Rovio is out with a line of realistic-looking Angry Birds costumes in both adult and child sizes. All your favorite birds are available, red bird, black bird, yellow bird (apologies if the birds have actual names, I just identify them by their colors). Also available is the slightly adorable King Pig costume, if you’re the type of person who relates better to the villain. Heck, you could get your crush to dress up as King Pig and you dress up as an Angry Bird and you could spend the entire evening flinging yourself in his/her general direction. The perfect Halloween icebreaker if you ask me.

Rovio Angry Birds - King Pig Adult Costume

Rovio Angry Birds – King Pig Costume

The price tag for these costumes….around $49 bucks. Not too bad. Not cheap either, but I’ve seen worse as far as costumes go.

Option #2: Hit up Etsy

If you want a more homemade look, but don’t want to get your hands dirty, consider visiting the internet’s most popular craft flea market. There are a number of Etsy sellers with some pretty cool Angry Birds related merch that would be perfect for a Halloween costume.

Dashboard58 has a nifty two-piece Angry Bird inspired costume that is perfect for kids. Slip the top over the head and you’re ready to trick-or-tweet in style.

Or for the minimalist, warmestwishes2u is selling a neat Crochet Red Bird hat. Not only would this work as part of a costume, but it’s something you could wear all winter long to protect your ears from the cold.

Option #3: Improvise

Halloween is a time for unbridled creativity, so don’t be afraid to create your own costume in tribute to our favorite avian superheroes. Fabric costumes are great, but if you’re not great with the sewing machine you could probably put together a pretty convincing costume using cardboard and some paint. Use sheets of cardboard to fashion a mask and some bird wings. Add a paper towel roll, painted orange, for the beak.

Or you could make your own Angry Birds “mask” using makeup or face paint. Dress in the appropriate color and voila! You’re now one very angry birdie. The video below shows what I’m talking about.



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