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Amy Winehouse

Everyone dreams of being remembered after they die, but not many people are remembered for their bee-hive hairdo and unwillingness to go to rehab. Pay tribute to a rock star who left the world way too early by hitting the town this Halloween in an Amy Winehouse costume!

Found dead in her home in London in July, 2011, Amy Winehouse won five Grammys, including Record of the Year, Best New Artist and Song of the Year. She was even hailed as the new Brigitte Bardot by designer Karl Lagerfeld and asked to design a line of clothes for Fred Perry.

These fashion accolades shouldn’t intimidate, however: Amy Winehouse’s day-to-day style most closely approximates that of the stylist at your local SuperCuts.

The Costume

The begin your Amy Winehouse Halloween costume, start with a white, ribbed tank top and a pair of jean shorts and add a pair of chunky black heels. Bra straps should be of a contrasting color and easily visible under the top.

The fun part of the Winehouse costume is the hair-do and the tattoos. Amy Winehouse wigs are available on eBay, Amazon and many other places online, but if you have long hair, you can try styling your own bee-hive.

amy winehouse costume wig

The Hair

winehouse beehive hairUsing large curlers and setting lotion, curl the hair into large curls. When the hair is dry, take out the curlers but do not comb out the curls. The objective of a bee-hive is to build a tower of hair on top of the head, using the curls as a base and a ratted front piece for stability. To this end, anchor the curls high up on the back of the head, in a high pony-tail position, using bobby pins in an x formation. Leave out about a quarter of the hair in the back, to go behind the “hive.” Take the front of the hair, excluding the bangs and use a rat-tail comb to backcomb it (or “rat” it) as you move up the curls.

Tease it into the curls, spraying generously with hairspray as you go. It should stand up independently when you are finished. Style the front bangs into a sideswept style and comb out the back curls. By this time, you should have inhaled enough hairspray to feel a buzz as well.

Makeup & Tattoos

Using a thick black eyeliner pen, draw yourself cat’s eyes for make-up and then move on to the tattoos. Amy had ten major tattoos, so you can pick and choose:

1. Amy’s Girl
2. Daddy’s Horseshoe
3. Fan Girl
4. Cynthia
5. Lightening Bolt
6. Feather
7. Love Hearts
8. Never Clip My Wings
9. Blakes
10. Hello Sailor

Google for the design and draw it on, or look for a set of Winehouse temporary tattoos. A cigarette and a flask, which you might have in your hands anyway, will complete this Halloween look!

Amy Winehouse costume



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