Putting Together an Amanda Knox Halloween Costume


amanda knox outfit

You dressed as Martha Stewart for Halloween in 2005 and you still have the prison garb lying around. If you are a young, cute black girl with tattoos, you can recycle the costume as Lil Kim. If you are a young, cute white girl with no tattoos, the obvious choice for 2011 is an Amanda Knox costume.

Now 24 years old, Amanda Knox was convicted in 2009 of murder and sentenced to 26 years in prison by an Italian court. In a surprise move, her conviction was overturned earlier this month, and she is now a free woman. Reports claim that “spending four years in an Italian prison cell” is now a for-credit option at the University of Washington; Knox was able to address the court directly in fluent Italian after this intensive course.

The Costume

To rock your Knox, you need a green shirt, a black hooded jacket and a small chain necklace with a pendant. Apparently, the only mail-order catalog available in “carcere” is “la belle Lands End.” Beloved of mom jean-wearers everywhere, it looks like Knox has gotten her whole outfit from the Lands End outfitter store.

Her shirt seems to be a green cotton modal top and the black coat seems to be a black wool swing coat. Any women’s dress black wool coat would be fine for this costume. A small silver chain necklace with a pendant, like a small butterfly or star, would round out the outfit.

Of course, for a true Amanda Knox Halloween costume the real effort is in the details. Tuck a large bill in your pocket for €22,000, the amount she was fined for her lying and obstruction charge. Carry a book on “How to Learn Italian” or “Corriere della Sera” newspaper and be sure to tell your Halloween hosts “grazie”. Practice turning cartwheels and doing the splits, as Knox was said to have done in the police station during questioning.

Be forewarned: this costume may have a detrimental effect on your roommate wanted ad on Craigslist.



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