Adele Halloween Costume Ideas


AdeleSmart. Sexy. Sophisticated. Emotional. Driven. That’s Adele. That’s you for Halloween. Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Katy Perry, Bjork. They’re great. But they’re not for you. Not this year. This year the Adele Halloween costume is yours.

They’ll love her; I mean they’ll love you. From top to bottom, inside out. It’s your night to shine. You’ll be young. You’ll be ageless. You’ll be Adele Laurie Blue Adkins. But be careful….


Your first decisions will be what to wear. Do it right. The dress is fashionable, formal, fitted, and fabulous, with dark colors and a flair for the dramatic. This is real, not just dress-up, with hose, heels and all. A wool tartan coat completes the un-pretentious look. You won’t be asking anyone, “Do I look all right?” You’ve got to have the right attitude. Then the clothes will work for you. Listen to one of Adele’s songs while you’re deciding what to wear. Listen while you’re getting dressed. The attitude will come to you.


Next, you’ve got to get the hair just right. It’s not old-fashioned; it’s just fashioned. It’s just Adele, not following any trend, not “making a statement,” just being unashamedly original and fine. It’s the voice, the style, the attitude that pulls it all together. Get your hair done the right way. Wear it up. Wear it big. Keep it neat. Get the feel for it all.


Big eyes, long lashes, serious eyeliner, smokey eye shadow, pout lips. Get the make-up right and you’ll be the part. Once the hair and make-up are right, you’ll almost be good enough to sing.

At least you will have listened to “Rolling in the Deep” so many times you feel like you could sing. Go ahead and give it a try. Sing deep, sing sad, sing from your heart. Now you’re Adele. But it’s probably a good idea to just sing at home, maybe just when you’re alone at home. Sing a little before you go out on Halloween night. Better yet watch Adele’s video just before you go out. She’s singin’ the blues. Let her voice touch you. Let it transform you. Be Adele.



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