Costuming Outside the Box: Abstract Costume Ideas


abstract halloween costumes
image by Rob Boudon

Halloween has long been known as the time to demonstrate skill with toilet paper and eggs, and for those with a little more class, originality in costuming. For the discriminating customer who knows that writing LOL in his text message is so 2004, an abstract Halloween costume shows his true panache.

Abstract Halloween costumes are concept costumes, rather than typical mask and outfit combinations. Choosing a concept costume demonstrates capacity for abstract thought and says to the world, “I knew that ‘Animal Farm’ was not a guide to raising chickens.” Here are several abstract costume ideas that just may be clever enough to get you out of a bar bill.

Get Something Out of the Recession
You lost your job and a cup of coffee now costs $8. Take a plain t-shirt and print a large dollar sign on it with a black marker. Add a five pound dumbbell in one hand and a grimace as if the weight is just too much. Voila: the weak dollar! For a sly variation, use the Euro and a grin to demonstrate how simple it is to lift a weight when you are the stronger currency.

Green is the New Black
Nowadays, everything needs to run on more than one source of power. Run a short extension cord out the collar of your shirt and leave the prongs dangling. You have gone hybrid!

What’s On Your Mind?
Print a large, upside down hand with the thumb pointing down on your t-shirt. You are the long-requested Facebook “dislike” button. Point to yourself for emphasis whenever the conversation takes a boring turn.

Itchy Itchy Scratchy Scratchy
Even the Waldorf Hotel isn’t safe. Cut a hole in the top of a plastic garbage bag. Put it on like a poncho. You are now fumigating for the bedbug epidemic!

Globalization at Work
Wear your regular clothes. When someone asks where your costume is, tell them you outsourced the costuming to India, where someone with a master’s degree designed and expertly constructed it and is wearing it for you for only $2.73.

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